2015 Season

Hello players,

Family and friends of Glenn Hart are welcome to a celebration of his life, Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 12:00 at Everglades Polo Club.
Please help us commemorate Hart's life, his dedication to polo, friends and family with a noontime asado.
Feel free to swap stories, pictures, etc. to help celebrate the life of this wonderful man.

Recent League Results

Sunday 3/1/15
Skeeter Johnston 10 Goal League
Main Man def. Truu Polo 10-8

MVP: Pelon Escapite
BPP: Dama - Pelon Escapite

Saturday 2/28/15
South Florida Feb. 4 Goal League
Finals: Taylor Hill Farm def. Kings Hill 9-7.5

MVP Marcos Onetto
BPP: Elephant - Marcos Onetto

Consolation Finals
Willow Farm def. Shamrock 8-6

Friday 2/27//15
February 6 Goal League
Tuff Rider def. Odosan 11-5

Wednesday 2/25/15
February Ladies Invitational
1st: Horses Healing Hearts
2nd: Tequila TV
3rd: World Polo News
MVP: Anabelle Begg
BPP: Song - Fleur Turner

Sunday 2/22/15
S. Johnston 10 Goal League

Port Mayaca def. Skaneateles 12-9
Truu Polo def. Main Man 9-6

Saturday 2/21/15
South Florida Feb. 4 Goal

Taylor Hill Farm def. Shannon Hill/Ecue 8-2.5
Shamrock def. Horseware Products 6.5-4
Willow Farm def. La Victoria 6-1

Friday 2/20/15
February 6 Goal league

Ash Blue def. World Polo News 12-5
Tuff Rider def. LBL Polo 10-7
Rivendell def. Odosan 13-4

Click here for all of the 2015 schedules & rosters

Gulfstream is very happy to have each and every player here. We value your business and make every attempt to help you enjoy your season. However,
with the amount of players that we have now, 135 at this writing, problems arise and I will attempt to address them:

Teams are to be represented by their captains. If there are issues with scheduling, team captains are to address both me and the other captains.

Writing schedules for 20 teams is not an easy task. I ask for players to notify me of bad dates as a courtesy, but the requests are out of control. I regularly get a team with 2 good play dates in a month to accomplish 3 -6 games. Team captains are responsible for attaining dates for ALL members of their team.

Captains are also responsible to call in the night before a game to notify me of substitute players. You are in danger of a game being protested if this is not followed.

And while on the subject of substitutes....this includes practice.
I set the teams up on similar handicaps, but if a 4 goal player replaces himself with a zero then the balance is thrown off and complaints arise.

You are due 18 chukkers a week and this includes games. I have several people trying to play 5 times a week and the fields will not handle this activity. We are currently running two practice sessions to accommodate all players. You will be asked to occasionally play at 12:00 not 10:00.

Earlier in the season, I requested that all teams pay before they play. Some of you have been slow to pay and now I have a few that are trying to pull out of the leagues. This is unfair to ALL of the other players and unacceptable behavior at this club. You will be fined and not likely approved to play again.

Other unacceptable behavior is the screaming, yelling, and cursing going on during games. Please be advised that the umpires and this club have a zero tolerance rule regarding this behavior.

The Members Stick and Ball Field is exactly that. For Members Only. No Grooms. No riding circles, no warming up horses, no guests. The North Stick and Ball field is available for guests, and non-members. There is a $50 a day charge for non-members. When you ride circles and short work, it is to be done on the Farish Field Only. Never on the track or the west side of the road, which is where you must ride when you are going to the Farish Field and North Stick and Ball Field. The weather is unseasonably dry right now and the track is dry and gets deep when this happens. Bear with us, we are watering as fast as possible.

There are 20 teams this month and much activity here. Please adhere to all rules at this club...and NO LOOSE DOGS!!!!!

Many thanks,


For information regarding playing and stabling,
contact Marla Connor at 561-965-2057.